Hung In Memories: 5  Indian Film Star Wear Saris That Belonged To Their Mothers :


One of verging on each Indian lady’s most valuable legacies is a sari that once had a place with her mom. Expressions and humanities site zooloobazar  has perfectly showcased the recollections and implications loaded in these nine yards of fabric. They highlighted ladies of various ages wearing their moms’ saris and bringing a stroll through a world of fond memories.

In spite of the fact that the site drew nearer nine ladies at first, their crusade on Facebook prompted eight other ladies from various parts of the nation (and one from London) energetically sharing photos of themselves hung in their moms’ saris, alongside a short yet delightful story.

Here they below:

1 : Hema Malini R. Chakravarthy


“As a young lady I adored attacking my mom’s closet and wearing her finest saris. Today my girl does likewise with mine.”

2 : Bhanurekha Ganesan

“This is a 35 year old Banarasi  sari that my mom got as a wedding blessing from my dad’s crew. Throughout the years the sari tore in spots however she adored it so much she darned it with brilliant green blossoms. My mom’s affection for it makes this sari considerably more unique to me.”

3 :  Vidya P. Balan

“The sari had a place with my nani. What’s more, despite the fact that it is a couple of years old, pink and appears as though it was made for tranquil, rich and god-dreading great young ladies, I venerate it. When she was taken truly sick, my nani still wore saris, and she kept this one for exceptional events. It’s not extremely well worn however on the grounds that she passed away after a long fight with heart inconvenience. She was vital to me and her passing influenced me significantly. I am extremely rootless about opinion and in the wake of her demise, a portion of the littler islands of her life have stayed as the couple of valuable things that I have acquired  from her.””

4 : deepika p. padukone


“I like dressing serenely, so I never needed to wear a sari, I felt I would loathe it. Be that as it may, we had one of those family capacities where I had no real option except to wear one, so I picked this from my mother’s pantry. It was the primary sari I wore, it was delicate, simple and shockingly extremely agreeable. I’ve adored wearing saris from that point onward.

 5 : aishwarya rai bachchan




“This is a 34 year old Banarasi sari that my mom wore for her wedding and when she passed it on to me, I wore it for mine.”